Customer Portal

    After you purchase a shared hosting bundle from HostHunny Hosting, you receive a Welcome e-mail message that provides details about how to access your account on the HostHunny Hosting Client Portal. The Client Portal allows you to view your account’s item details, consisting of:

    Domain and IP address.
    cPanel URLs and login info.
    FTP server and login info.
    Email server and login information.
    DNS name server information.
    SSH account information.

    Configuring name server settings

    For your web site to work correctly, you must configure your domain name (for example, example.com) to utilize HostHunny Hosting’s name servers.

    Managing your web site with cPanel

    cPanel is HostHunny Hosting’s preferred management user interface, and you can use it to control all aspects of your website.

    Accessing your account

    You can access your account in a variety of ways: SSH (Protected Shell), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and more.

    Setting up e-mail

    E-mail is a fundamental part of running a website, and cPanel makes it easy to set up and handle accounts.

    Publishing your web site

    To publish website files and make them openly viewable, publish them to your account’s public_html directory. You can upgrade your website files whenever you want. Nevertheless, please note that any files you submit that are not in the public_html directory (or in a subdirectory beneath public_html) are not publicly viewable.

    If you already have a web site with another hosting service provider and are moving it to HostHunny Hosting, you may want to migrate your website data to your brand-new account.

    Securing your web site

    Security is an important part of maintaining a web site.

    We're here to help!

    If you get stuck on something, or just have a question about how something works, we’re here for you. You can always open a support ticket on the A2 Hosting Customer Portal at https://billing.hosthunny.com/submitticket.php