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    LiteSpeed Hosting – The A2 Method

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    LiteSpeed WebServer Hosting

    As the web server used on our Turbo Hosting services, LiteSpeed is a key component of what makes HostHunny Hosting your high-performance company. LiteSpeed is actually 11X FASTER compared to Apache and 6X FASTER than NGINX. This faster efficiency means your site, operations and databases all will run faster and more effectively utilizing the LiteSpeed web server. Here are extra functions that make our Turbo Servers blazing fast.

    AMD EPYC Servers including NVMe Drives
    Offer 3X FASTER Read/Write Speeds
    40% FASTER CPU Performance compared to competing options
    Capability to deal with approximately 9X more traffic
    When you pick our Turbo Servers, you also get access to the HostHunny Enhanced Site Accelerator. This tool permits you to setup caching services on your website with a click of your mouse. While a lot of hosts either are unable to use these caching service on their Shared Hosting, or they choose not to enable them, HostHunny Hosting motivates their use! The caching choices consisted of within the HostHunny Hosting Website Accelerator are:

    Turbo Cache – stores and serves your HTML content of your page without having to run PHP provided amazing website efficiency!
    OPcache/APC – Cuts your PHP response time in half!
    Memcached – Improves the efficiency of your MySQL databases by saving your most important data in memory for quicker retrieval

    What Is LiteSpeed Web Server?

    LiteSpeed Web Server is a high speed, drop-in server replacement for Apache. With it’s high-performance capability, LiteSpeed has actually grown into one of the most extensively utilized web servers. LiteSpeed is compatible with a variety of Apache functions such as mod_security, mod_rewrite and.htacess.

    LiteSpeed is a mature web server founded back in 2002 by George Wang. In July of 2003, LiteSpeed was launched as a full highlighted web server service. A few years later on in 2007, LiteSpeed was upgraded so that it could be a drop-in replacement for Apache. That exact same year, LiteSpeed was incorporated with the most popular webhosting control board cPanel and Plesk. This upgrade actually assist LiteSpeed grow in appeal. In addition to supporting high-speed technologies like HTTP/3 and Edge Side Includes, LiteSpeed has actually built plugins, add-ons and modules for the web’s most popular services. These software solutions that can see enhanced efficiency thanks to LiteSpeed include:

    LiteSpeed Cache Plugin For WordPress
    LiteMage for Magento
    LSCache Add-on for XenForo
    LSCache Module for Prestashop
    LSCache Extension for MediaWiki
    LSCache Module for Drupal
    LSCache Module for Joomla
    LScache Extension for OpenCart
    LSCache Plan for Laravel